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  1. I have boiled it down to two. Slave and non-slave. The Roman and feudal system after it, are slave. Their was a conquest and pay tribute, model. The Germanics were non-slave. Their most closely held inalienable right was the right to feud for the redress of grievance of trespass. The Normans encapsulated the Anglo-Saxon culture with feudal government. From 1215, onward, the Norman bonds were continually being thrown off. Sir Edward Coke outlawed the Star Chamber. It is the equivalent of Administrative law in the U.S. See Columbia University law professor Philip Hamburger for details.

    In 1884, England’s Fabian Socialist Society was formed. They took as their coat-of-arms, the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. That should tell us much, in that symbolism is a deeper educator than rote. In 1905, American Authors Upton Sinclair founded the Intercollegiate Socialist Society to teach college students about the benefits of socialism. It changed its name to The League for Industrial Democracy and with the help of England Fabian economist, Maynard Keynes, helped Roosevelt orchestrate the New Deal. Also, with the help of American socialist education philosopher, John Dewey, began the indoctrination of the US Education system.

    I have a Communist handbook that states a dupe can move the program along as well an an active operative. In 1946, the check on government, the grand jury authority to initiate an inquisition into any suspicion of malfeasance, was ended. Government grew. Involuntary participation grew exponentially, afterward.

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