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  1. This is great stuff it really helped me thank you I am now considering making more presentation as an representative or public motivational speaker I had a few setbacks in life now I am working on my MBA to create an opportunity for making a living it’s hard getting organizations or companies to hire a person with a background not pleasing. Your site gives me hope I hope I get an A. I would love it if someone from your organization or you yourself would become a mentor for me love it thanks.

    • Tried to reply but my e-mail was rejected by the .edu server. I need an alternate address if you are serious. Send it via the contact form to keep it confidential. Also need LinkedIn and Facebook (if available) screen names.

      One very quick bit of advice …

      Find a local Toastmasters club, attend, observe and join.
      In addition to the local contacts that you will make, you have the advantage of a small venue in which you can ‘test’ stuff, and a friendly BUT VERY CRITICAL audience.

  2. This are tremendous strategies to achieve public speaking or presentation as well. I am a Communication student at the University of Nairobi and was given an assignment to discuss the main stages on how to plan for a seminar presentation.
    It has really help me in my assignment. Keep this web alive. thanks.

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