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  1. A re-instituted grand jury civil presentment function could go a long way to relieving the idiocy. Changes at the federal level will take corrective legislation. The county and state levels were left intact. It can be fun sniffing out malfeasance. But you must know your rights. It is our 5th Amendment right to investigate public office via our grand juries. It has been out rusting in the back shed for so long, most people forgot it was there. It is the methodology the Founders put in the Bill of Rights to directly interact with those who govern.

    It just takes a couple of things. One, a method to get a public complaint to its respective grand jury. This use to be a Traditional American practice until the mid-1940’s. Second, the grand jury would need to vote whether they thought it important enough to investigate. If it was, it would be time to crank up their subpoena machine and have some fun. Don’t let the district attorneys and judges tell you your 5th Amendment is void. Take the leadership.

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