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Things The Public Wants Cops to Know — 2 Comments

  1. Sir,
    First of all thank you! The article itself had me nodding and thinking “No kidding” from the LEO point of view.

    The comments from the readers (not all but most) were infuriating. The ones that complain are the epitome of why this country is such a mess. OK, I’m back on point, sorry.

    I happen to love and adore LEOs!
    What I want them to know is that my fondness and respect is because of how I was raised and the person that I am. Having served honorably in the military for over 20 years,

    I view them as family, brothers/sisters in uniform, please don’t confuse this with me being a badge bunny ( my term for the ” groupies” ).

    Also, many times I end up being able to give extremely detailed information. Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I’m am attention whore. I don’t mean to be crass but I deal with those attention starved idiots daily.

    I may be tall, blonde, thin and nice but please don’t take my kindness as me flirting. I’m not trying to get out of anything.

    So far I have no tickets, arrests etc. I have a TS clearance, I just follow the rules. If all these haters put their energy in giving back or spending a week in harms way they would petition the legal system to change it, where it belongs!

    In closing, I predict that in the very near future we will be under martial law, most likely 24-72 hours or so. On the down side the military will be the most hated “servants” but if it makes LE appreciated more then it will be a win!

  2. We have a minimum 4 percent error on death row if our system can condem that many innocent men consider how many are sent to prison for crimes they didn’t comit.
    That being said and on another note cops love to use the “I’m just doing my job” cliche but then turn around and scream that they are of higher morality or that there life matters like they are soecial. The fact is you CHOOSE a job that’s it if you are afraid or cant handle the occasional threat quit.
    It is difficult to feel to much sympathy for a man when he signs up for a job and on the first day you are given a gun, bullet proof vest,taser ,made,handcuffs,club,and other things designed to inflict pain and restrain people as well as a badge that grants you some special right to use it at your discretion.
    Please just keep in mind as you do your job day in and out your presence invokes fear not comfort. Ordinary people fear cops and for good reason. To many cops behave as if it is y’all against us when all we want is to go home just like you and just like you most of us are good people the assholes make us look bad but as an officer of higher moral standards you must weed out and penilize any officer who violates a civilians rights or breaks the law otherwise you are just as guilty by association and no better than the worst in your Dept.

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