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School Shootings, Mass Murder, Workplace Violence and Guns — 2 Comments

  1. Bullying is a tough thing. My father forbid me to strike anyone because of any thing they may have said. That drew attention. I suffered. For eight years, I endured the taunts until one afternoon in ninth grade when a kid struck me from behind with his ring…twice! I slugged him with my desk and knocked him clean unconscious with one blow! Nobody gave me any trouble after that.

    A grandson is struggling with that. I wanted him to punch the kid in the nose. Sting him like a bee, he will go away.

    The thing that takes so long to learn, sometimes, is that a bully picks on those he thinks won’t retaliate. The other kid imagines if he strikes the bully, he will only make him mad and beat him up really badly. He doesn’t realize that the bully is only a mental projection this kid is creating in his victim’s mind.

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