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  1. Okay, but here is my problem. The indoctrination of our children continues day-by-day. It is promulgated by the US education system. It was under the direction of the League for Industrial Democracy for over 100 years, co-directed by Norman Thomas and Harry Wellington. It was spearheaded by the American education philosopher, League member, and socialist, John Dewey. He was the man who believed a child’s mind is a blank slate upon which to write anything you might wish.

    This was the indoctrination. This was when learning ‘how-to-think,’ ended. This was when the conditioning began.

    The time line was 1905 when the Intercollegiate Socialist Society was founded by American authors, Upton Sinclair and Jack London, to ‘educate’ teachers and college students about the ‘benefits’ of socialism. Lying to them, of course. I can say that because England’s Fabian Socialist Society had a stained glass window commissioned of its mascot, the Wolf-in-Sheep-Skin.

    The ideology was input past the ego by the three ‘soft-sciences,’ psychology, sociology and economics. Remember, Pavlov was commissioned by Lenin to find a way to subvert the human mind. To get it to do something it ordinarily would not.

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